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We give our clients legal advice that is focused on finding solutions.

Hill Law Firm is a leading Law Firm based in Mogadishu, Somalia, and is an independent firm specializing in legal consulting and providing full legal services. Our Firm is committed to providing the highest level of legal service. We strive to be responsive to our client’s needs and provide creative solutions that meet their goals. We understand that every case is unique and requires a tailored approach. Hiil Law Firm is a distinguished legal establishment poised to transform the legal landscape in Somalia. Founded in 2023, we are driven by a deep commitment to justice, social progress, and the rule of law. Our firm stands as a beacon of hope for individuals, businesses, and communities seeking comprehensive and innovative legal solutions in Somalia.


At our law office, we envision a future where legal services are accessible and affordable to all.


The mission of our law firm is to provide expert legal and consulting services to our clients while upholding the highest ethical standards and providing uncompromising quality.

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Our Values


We will always aspire to create lasting bonds with our clients- we will seek to build friendly relationships


We will be open and accessible in our dealings with our clients and other stakeholders


We will always be available ready and willing to serve-you can rely on us


We will always seek to understand and empathize with our clients-we care and value you.

Our team

Our team comprises highly qualified attorneys, each specializing in different fields of law. This collective knowledge empowers us to offer comprehensive legal solutions that cater to a spectrum of needs.