Somali women defy stereotypes by leading in legal profession

Hiil Law Firm CEO, Iman Abdikarin, recently appeared on CGTNafrica to discuss the significance of having visible female lawyers who can inspire and empower young women pursuing a career in the legal field. In a country where the justice system is still weak and dominated by men, one Somali woman hopes to trailblaze a way […]

Honoring World Humanitarian Day: Celebrating Compassion and Making a Difference!

Today (19th August), we join millions of people around the globe in commemorating World Humanitarian Day, a day dedicated to honoring those who tirelessly work towards making the world a better place. It is a time to recognize and appreciate the humanitarian efforts that have brought hope, relief, and support to countless individuals and communities […]

Hiil Law Firm will bring Justice to Women

Chairwoman of the Libin Women Empowerment Center Miss Fartuun Sakhawe, ¬†announced at Hiil Law Firm lounging ceremony that women can now easily access legal representation through the firm’s services, as it is led by women attorney. “This female-led law firm will help Somali women receive justice,” said Fartun. “It will be easier for them to […]